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How can I SignUp with Peoplecart ?

Signing up is by invitation only.Once you receive an invitation in your inbox from an existing member, you are eligible to register with peoplecart. Invitations could be either from one of your friends who is already a member or from your corporate HR/ Admin, if your Corporate is registered with peoplecart.

How will I benefit if I Register with Peoplecart?

peoplecart is members-only online community which offers its Members rewards/ discounts across the wallet spend. We don’t take cuts from suppliers/ merchants and each deal goes through reverse bidding route to short-listed merchants. Here’s how we are otherwise different

  • We are exclusively for members who join by invitation and hence, evolve to be a close knitted community. Membership is limited by city
  • We cover whole of wallet (or most of it, including services) – you don’t need multiple memberships for each of your purchases, we would have already clubbed multiple membership benefits from various partners into your peoplecart membership
  • In addition to buying from active/ available deals and vouchers, Members can Ask for Any Deal that they wish to purchase (if a deal is already not available) – Any Product at Any (best) Price. We don’t catalog deals (like other sites do) and hence allow last mile personalization of deals
  • Any purchase on the site is covered by peoplecart’s exclusive reward program that ensures savings on savings


  • Refer friends and earn referral credits which can be redeemed against Deals/ various offers
  • Use “Geo Social Network (beta testing still!!)” for sharing personal updates, product/ brand reviews, ratings, referrals, etc., with closer circles, people in similar job profiles, same localities etc., and enjoy the benefits of being in a vibrant community

How does peoplecart cover the whole of wallet?

We cover entire wallet spend through Deals and Walk in categories. Walk In categories are across the (online/ offline) store vouchers that are issued at discount to peoplecart members. These vouchers are cash equivalent and can be used during sale periods as well. Vouchers cover categories where individual purchase value, normally, is INR 5,000 or below – for example groceries, pharmacy, apparel, fashion etc. For all others products and services, Members can buy/ ask for deals to last mile of personalization.

What are various levels of Access?

Once you are invited by an existing member, you upgrade straight to Silver membership. Silver members have access to most of the Deal categories and Voucher categories. Some of the Deal categories such as Cars/ SUVs need higher levels of personalization and man efforts and are available for Gold members only. Gold members also get higher (upto 5% more) discounts and rewards on various Deals and Voucher purchases. There are other rating and review privileges that Gold and Platinum member get access to.

What is membership fee and validity?

Silver membership requires an invitation from existing members or corporate admins and is free, valid for lifetime. Gold and Platinum membership fees are as updated in the site.

What is Geo Social Network?

Social Networking is a platform which allows you to connect with fellow members in the form of messages, feeds, tweets, etc. peoplecart’s2.0 version is designed to provide you with interactive and engaging tools within each community to customize the networking experience for the respective city/ location (through geo positioning app that can be downloaded for free, soon!)

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