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Success Stories

A Platform collaboration for your organization that helps in creating an appreciating and
rewarding culture. This is the Peoplecart Platform.


Success Stories # 01

A leading financial services organization having around 10,000 employees was looking for an automated module that covers peer to peer endorsements & social recognition

Across the organization

Any employee within the organization can give away a badge to another employee across designations, service lines and locations etc.

One per Quarter

Each employee can give away one badge a month to his applaud

Hall of Honor

7 such badges would get an employee entry into Hall of Honor. Each entry will be part of Hall of Honor for minimum 90 days. Hall of Honor in the landing page would show recent 30 entries

Base line Appraisal Reports

Analytical insights based on realtime data on organizational/ BSC values

Names of the badges

These badges could be defined as simple badge such as “I applaud” with option to comment, initially and will be subsequently extended either by the organizational values or by Balanced score card components


Success Stories # 02

A large Retail Conglomerate with over 20 Mn sq ft of operating space & 35,000 employees were looking at an integrated solution to drive the following results

Technology for Employee Engagement

Define & Drive desired behaviours that are inspired by organization values and drive their demonstration in everyday operations

Establish a clear link between demonstrated behaviours & desired outcomes across well defined milestones

Popularise values, improve their linkage to everyday actions

Create a culture of thanking, sharing & celebrating together, amongst peers & across the hierarchy

Inspire greatness through the creation of “Role Models”& “Stories of Success” at the workplace

Provide employees with a greater choice of rewards that are exclusive & experiential in nature


Performance Awards

Peer-to-Peer Badges - Value Cards, Individual Awards - Mustang (or) Top Gun, Team Awards - The A Team, Privilege Circles - Future Gold/ Platinum Clubs, Chairman Club

Milestone Awards

New Arrivals - Value Litmus, Personal & Service Milestones - 2gether, Development Plan Milestones - IDP Phases

Critical Factors
Elements Driving Success
Clearly defined communicated Expectations/ Criteria for Recognition
Wall of fame ensures employees know why , what behaviour/ outcome has been rewarded
The Reward of Choice
Employees can redeem reward points across a variety of choices
Real-time Recognition of Positive Events
P2P badges, Value Cards available on the floor & provision of Mobile App
Translate Experiences in Memories
Personal recognition book that highlights all workplace achievements rolled up into a pre-set PDF template
Evaluate Effectiveness of the Framework
Defined metrics for assessment & schedule for review of the framework

Success Stories # 03

A global technology company focusing on VAS based solutions for Telecom companies, was looking for a solution that could extend the same rewards experience to all its employees across 22 countries in America, Europe, Asia & Africa

Ease of Global Redemption

Peoplecart’s solution was built with the following features

Local reward options in each of the 22 locations - First time catalogs set up in countries like Burkina Faso, Gabon, Chad, Niger, Indonesia & Philippines

Regional mapping of employees to catalog - System validates location with login credentials to ensure employees are directed to the relevant catalogs with reward options in the local currencies

Region wise Analytics dashboard - Decision enabling analytical dashboards for leaders with metrics based on geography, business unit, and reward classifications

High engagement - being created through a series of interventions that include catalog promotions

Key objectives

First time ever local redemptions in West African Nations

Wide variety of experiential reward options across all geographical locations

Custom analytics and dashboard views for leaders

All Recognition programs to be managed on a single integrated platform


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